Once upon a time

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Vita Foundation

Vita Foundation

The tiara’s have been dusted off and the carriage has been summoned… it’s time for the Once Upon A Time Anniversary Gala Ball! Help us celebrate the 30th anniversary of Act for Kids by joining us for a magical evening of fine dining, fundraising and entertainment.

You’ll surely bump into your favourite fairy tale character while you dine on a feast fit for any king’s court! It truly will be a night to remember, as we celebrate 30 years of helping abused and neglected children get their childhoods back.

The Once Upon A Time Anniversary Gala Ball will see your every wish come true with Minor Hotels sponsoring our highly anticipated Live Auction! Like magical elves, they are already hard at work putting together beautiful accommodation packages from all around the world!

When you tire of your pumpkin carriage, Mercedes-Benz Brisbane will be on hand to show you the latest luxury vehicles they have on offer, just be sure to check them out before the clock strikes midnight!

19 May 2018
Act for Kids 30th Anniversary Gala Ball  
Royal International Convention Centre
Black Tie



Gather your finest lords and ladies and book your table now for the Once Upon A Time Anniversary Gala Ball! This highly anticipated event will sell out quickly, so avoid missing out and complete the booking form below!

Tickets are $225 each or $2,250 for a table of ten and include a full service gourmet meal and premium drinks package.

Bailey’s tale

Bailey* was just four years old when she came to Act for Kids. She had been exposed to domestic violence and drug use at home and a traumatic Department of Child Safety intervention saw her taken from her parents and placed into foster care.

When she came to Act for Kids, Bailey had severely delayed speech and language skills and was not able to form sentences. Using only one or two words at a time, Bailey could say some words clearly while others were completely unintelligible making it difficult to understand her needs, wants and interests.

Bailey’s delays in communication left her years behind her peers in terms of development and her speech delays were causing her to become easily frustrated. She was suffering from learning and behavioural difficulties as she wasn’t able to form relationships with those around her.

Bailey was being left behind.

At Act for Kids, Bailey began receiving weekly therapy sessions at her daycare, working on play-based speech and language activities to teach Bailey how to express herself. Her therapists provided support and coaching to Bailey’s daycare teachers so they were able to implement a whole-class language program so Bailey could engage and participate in the activity along with her peers. Bailey was beginning to feel included.

By the end of Bailey’s final year in daycare, she had broken down almost all of her communication barriers. Her foster carers, teachers and other children were able to understand what she was saying most of the time and she was gaining more confidence initiating conversations with others.

Bailey has just started at Prep and is working with a Speech Pathologist in school sessions to continue her ongoing speech and language development. This will enable Bailey to achieve successful educational and social outcomes and give her the childhood she deserves.